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Proliant ML370 G3 server doesn't start

Favio Navarrete
Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML370 G3 server doesn't start

I have a problem my Proliant ML370 G3 server doesn't start, and when i tried to start it send error messages about ol 4 fans that cools cpu don't work, i probed fans and are OK so I think the problem is on mother board or something like that, someone can help me?
Thanks in advance...
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML370 G3 server doesn't start

Hi Favio,

Yes - The ML370 G3 has a known problem with the fan logic on the system board. If your fans are OK then it will be this chip and you must replace the system board.

Sometimes (not always) you can reduce the system to the required fans (3 primary fans only - without any redundant fans)and it will work OK. Look at the diagram on the top cover to determine which fans are the primary fans. I have also attached an image showing where the primary fans are located. If reducing it to 3 primary fans does not help then you will need a new system board. There are two versions of the ML370 G3 system board.

Spare part number 290559-001 is used on systems 2.4Ghz and 2.8Ghz systems.

Spare part number 316864-001 is used for 3.06Ghz systems.

You can use 316864-001 as a direct replacement for 290559-001 (100% compatible) but the older board won't work with newer CPU's.

Check with the white label on your system board to see which one you have installed.

I hope this helps,