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Proliant ML370 NIC & SCSI not installing in Win2K

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Proliant ML370 NIC & SCSI not installing in Win2K

My server is giving me NIC and SCSI problem. When ever i install Windows 2000 Server, its NIC 3163 and SCSI controller donot installed and showed as MARKED in Device manager.

I have updated BIO's update, try to installed updated drivers but nothings works.

Through F10, i have checked the BIO's and its seems fine in there.

Similarly if i runs diagonistics, its hangs when ever it goes to check on SCSI device.

Even if i try to Install Windows2000 thrugh smartStartup, its hangs the system after copying all files from Windows2000 CD. So i have rely on Windows2000 floppies to install.

NIC shows marked but it shows in resources that "it isn't using any resources" although its enabled in BIO.

Please any one can help me. Since its a headache to me.

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Re: Proliant ML370 NIC & SCSI not installing in Win2K


Which version of the smart start did you use to install the OS. Are you using the embedded scsi controller as you boot controller or do you have a PCI controller; do you have any other pci cards on that server? Here is what I would recommend.
=> Clear your nvram and rerun the System Configuration Utility.
=> Apply the latest support pack for Windows 2000 -
=> Then install the SCSI controller drive as its not part of the support pack any more.
=> If the support pack does not resolve your NIC issue, try uninstalling it from dev man and the let windows plug and play try and detect the device.

BTW what are you doing working on a Friday?
There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!
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Re: Proliant ML370 NIC & SCSI not installing in Win2K

thanks for reply

Till now, i am still stuck with this server. I am using Smart Array 431 Controller as boot.

Now when i had installed Windows 2003 Entp edition, its installed scsi controllers drivers sucessfully but still Compaq NIC NC3163 does not installed properly.

I had upgraded server from 933MHz to 1.0GHz PIII processor. I am using Smart Starup disk 4.90 and 5.01 as well. But no luck.

This ML370 is really getting on my nerves now.