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Proliant ML370 ROMPaq

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Proliant ML370 ROMPaq

I am trying install latest Rompaq but the server get part way though then starts re-booting. Any idea as to what is going on?

ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: Proliant ML370 ROMPaq

hi dan

1) use a fresh diskette

2) create rompaq diskette (download exe-file)

3) for test reasons copy diskette contents to temp directory on disk (just make sure files are 100% ok)

4) open server

5) set config switch positions 1,4,5 and 6 to ON (enables disaster recovery - this is widely undocumented !!)

6) insert rompaq diskette

7) power on server

8) wait until you hear four beeps (may take several minutes !!)

9) switch off server

10) reset dip switch settings

11) reboot


if that does NOT do the job, you rom chip is bad - means: hw replacement

best regards

ps: this procedure is called disaster recovery and went undocumented for many years (works with all pre-ml/dl servers built after 1996 and most g1 ml/dl servers.) g2 and g3 models do not require dip switch settings anymore.