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Proliant ML370 Stop Errors 0x0A

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Proliant ML370 Stop Errors 0x0A

Since doing a MS update on my ML370 Win2003 server I have had stop errors plaguing me. First it started with D1 and went to several more. I have done the HP Firmware update and got all but this last stop error corrected.

This error only happens when I reboot the server.

0x0000000A (0x92BCCF58, 0X00000002, 0x00000001, 0x808386E4)

I have search numerous sites trying to find an answer to this error with these parematers but nothing just quite fits.

I was hoping to find someone here that could help me.

Thank you for all your suggestions and help.

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Re: Proliant ML370 Stop Errors 0x0A

Hi Tixx,

Usually when u apply windows update it over writes HP staff with microsoft staff. Therefore, best bet is :
If you can boot to OS or atleast safe mode then apply the Proliant Support Pack so that what had been over written by microsoft during microsoft update will be replaced by HP's staff.

You can download the Proliant Support Pack from this link〈=en&h_client=S-A-R163-1&h_pagetype=s-002&h_query=ML370

1. Choose the generation of server that you have (if there is no generation like G1,G2, G3 or G4 is shown on your server it will be G1)
2. Choose windows 2003
3. Coose Software-Support Pack
4. Choose ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and download it (Current version is 7.51)
5. Unzip the downloaded file and run setup.exe form the unzipped file
6. You will be prompted to overwrite the old version by the new one and choose yes

It will take only a few minut to complet and you will be notified when it is done.

This should overwrite what had been overwritten by microsoft with HP staff

Hope this helps

Good Luck
Amha Kassa
Ryan Goh
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Re: Proliant ML370 Stop Errors 0x0A

Try to update drivers by applying proliant support, you can donload from this link, . From microsoft technical document, this error normally cause by the incompatible driver. Read this document below:

Hope this help.
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Re: Proliant ML370 Stop Errors 0x0A

Thank you everyone for the suggestions on my 0x0A errors. The Support Pack fixed many of the errors I was experiencing and updated much needed drivers.

What I did was update the drivers and then did a BIOS firmware update again to get rid of the 0x0A error. I contiued to have a C4 error that would crash my server but traced it to a software that was running on my server. Each time a user accessed the software it would crash the server, so I removed the software to a standone machine and the server runs just great.

Again, thank you everyone for your help.

A word to the wise. Don't download any microsoft update for several months unless the are security updates and then only you choose to do the update. Turn off the Autoupdate on your servers.