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Proliant ML370

Markle Bynum
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Proliant ML370

I changed the power supply about two weeks ago. Via lights out i'm receiving error that its down. Called the site to have someone check, the back of the server. User informs
the light is blinking. My last error date is
4/14/2008. Is the server bad or do i need to
replace the power supply?
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Re: Proliant ML370


ml370 g5?

test another power source, cable
reseat Power supply if the issue continues get a new one

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James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Proliant ML370

Hello Markle,
If the PSU is tested to be good, & still the LED shows amber... then make sure you have the Latest the BIOS firmware.

I had a issue with one of the server where the individual PSU will work ok.. however, when u install both PSU, the PSU led would indicate AMBER or fail.. on the redundant one.

Updating the BIOS firmware worked like a charm.

;) Regards.