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Proliant ML380 G5 CPU temperature 255 c


Proliant ML380 G5 CPU temperature 255 c

Hi there,


Since a vew months i'm working on a new site, and this server with Win2003R2 64 is reporting in the eventlogs id 1135 A Temperature Sensor Condition has been set to degraded. This is reported after a restart of the server.


When starting HP System Management it also warns about the CPU temperature failures. Both CPU temp. is being reported at 255 c constantly. When digging into the history as far as I can go, this is the case since november 2011. I can't go further back.


The version of Syst.Mgmnt is old, and version 6xxx is available. The rest of the HP software is also outdated.


What can be the problem? Is the sensor faulty? Software bug?

Can't find any reports of false alerts.



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Re: Proliant ML350 G5 CPU temperature 255 c

I have a bunch of Ml350's  and most times,  upon pos, t the temp = 75degrees

our server room is kept at 68

If server is covered for service ( and it should be)   give HP a call


no doubt they would ahve you runthe latest SPP or PSP  in order to get all firmware/drivers updated

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Re: Proliant ML380 G5 CPU temperature 255 c

I tried upgrading System Management to versiob, the latest. Installation was OK but ended with the message that it could not start the Service.


No I don't have the console at all anymore :-(



The HP System Management Homepage service failed to start due to the following error:

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.



Re: Proliant DL380 G5 CPU temperature 255 c

After a reboot the System Management Homepage worked. So the upgrade appeared to be succesfull afterall.


Still the temparature warning stays.


Any suggestions or a confirmation that this is a false alarm?