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Proliant ML530 G2 and additional drives

E. Tang
Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML530 G2 and additional drives


I support a Proliant ML530 G2 in a remote location. I recently dispatched some hard drives to expand one of the arrays. I was told this morning that the drives were inserted into the chassis.

However, when I check the management homepage, I don't see the additional drives. The ACU also does not report any additional drives.

The main controller is a Smart Array 642. The server had six drives before the addition today; two drives in a RAID 0+1 array for the OS and four drives in a RAID 5 array for data. Four additional drives were added in to cage B (as reported by the local contact).

As the server is in a remote location with no technical contact to intervene on my behalf, I'd like to ask what could possibly cause the behavior I described. One thing I'm trying to confirm is whether or not the drives were installed in the correct chassis. (Which would explain everything.) For the moment, I'm working on the belief the drives are installed in the correct server.
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Re: Proliant ML530 G2 and additional drives

Hi Tang,

there is no argument for disk unavailability.
So, I'm dubious that there are physical connection and I don't how did "thay" connected second cage.
You should go there and check environment.

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Re: Proliant ML530 G2 and additional drives


what happens is 642 controller only supports 6 HDDs since it only has 1 channel so it means it's connected to 1 cage and has no connection to the other one

642 specs

so you need to get another controller that supports all HDDs(2 channels like 6402) or to get another 642 controller and connect to the other cage

ml530 g2 specs
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