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Proliant ML580 memory

Ismael Silla
Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML580 memory

The original memory configuration of my ML580 G2 server was 8 256MB in the system board, which makes a total of 2GB. Last week I removed 4 256MB and installed 4 1GB memory in memory bank A of my system board (first four slots). This make my total memory to 5GB, and confirmed when I look at the HP System Management Homepage utility. However, when I look at task manager it is only reporting 3GB total physical memory. What can I do to make the system recognize 5GB? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML580 memory

Windows needs to be started using the Physical Address Extensions on a 32-bit processor for it to see this memory.
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Re: Proliant ML580 memory


adding what David says

that is called PAE
"Large memory support is available in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows 2000"

see this advisory

and also

I hope this information can help
just follow the procedures to take advantage of the all RAM

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Re: Proliant ML580 memory

Well, just put the /PAE in your boot.ini :) That should fix the problem. A good idea is to update the bios to your latest version.

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Re: Proliant ML580 memory


just in addition to all other replies :

On ProLiants the DIMMs with smaller capacity must be installed before the bigger ones, in your case - Bank A. So install the 1GB DIMMs in bank B and add /PAE after the /fastdetect switch in boot.ini. If you have Windows 2003 Stand.Ed. this will help you see exactly 4GBs.

Check here for maximal Memory support for windows OS:

64-bit OSs don't support /PAE...