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Proliant PL650R gets LCD ERROR 590

Adam Peck
Occasional Visitor

Proliant PL650R gets LCD ERROR 590

I can unplug the server and plug it back in and the LCD reads Model 56022 LCD Firmware 1.9. I soon as I go to boot the server it gets a LCD error 210,215,219,530 and 2F8 and I can not get rid of the message or naviage the LCD using the buttons. Any ideas?

Thanks, Adam
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant PL650R gets LCD ERROR 590

Hi Adam,

Can you clarify a couple of things in your request please?

1) Is this a Proliant 6500R (You have PL650R)?

2) Does the server actually work? I.E is this just an issue with the IMD?

3) You report this as a LCD error 590 but there is no mention of this in the errors you say appear on the IMD screen.

If this is a Proliant 6500R, then have a look at the interlock leds to see if you have a problem in the chain. Use the top-cover diagram to locate the error leds and interlock combinations.

I have a troubleshooting guide for the Proliant 6500 server which will probably help but I'll wait for your reply on the above.


Adam Peck
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant PL650R gets LCD ERROR 590

Its a PL 6500 XEON 2P/400/1M. The server comes up. If you unplug the power and plug it back in the LCD seems fine it shows;
Model 56022
LCD Firmware 1.9

But as soon as you power it on it displays
LCD error 590, then flashes LCD error 210,215,219,530 and stops on 2F8 the server still comes up fine but this LCD error is strange.