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Proliant Server 3000

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Proliant Server 3000

Server keeps trying to restart itself, but
then powers down. Keep hearing a loud
clanging sound each time the box trys to
power up. Not sure, could be a fan?

Any suggestions on what it might be?

Thanks in advance!
Rahul Sharma
Frequent Advisor

Re: Proliant Server 3000

Check for any hardware problem. If you HP support call them if not. open the box and check where the noise is coming from. replace part accordingly. It seems that it could be the fan which has fin or fins broken/krack that is making the noise and system is getting heated up and therefore it restarts.
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Re: Proliant Server 3000

Yep, fan has died!
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Re: Proliant Server 3000

Hello John,

It sounds like one of the CPU or I/O fans has a jammed bearing. If you don't have the redundant fan kit installed (4 fans at the front) then what will happen is that the thermal sensors on the system board will reach their warning temperature and shut the system down to safeguard the components.

Switch off the system and locate the fans. Spin them with your hand and you will find the one which is dodgy as it won't spin freely. Other causes may be a loose cable which is hitting against the fan and stopping it from rotating.

Have a look at the attached diagram for the fan locations. You can remove the front fans by moving the quick-release metal tab which holds them in place.

Fan part numbers varied on the Proliant 3000 and 5500 chassis. If you do have a defective fan and want the correct model replacement, see if there are any identifying labels or part numbers on the fan which can be checked.

I hope this helps,