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Proliant Servers in dell rack?

Bubba Smith_2
Occasional Visitor

Proliant Servers in dell rack?

Is it possible to put a HP proliant server in a DELL rack?

We have a spare DELL rack but we only have HP servers. I dont want to toss the rack if it possible to use it with HP servers.
Phillip Williams_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant Servers in dell rack?

In principle, yes...

Might want to check rack depth and any cable related (space, where they will go..) issues.

'tis fairly common

you might want to look at HP's "Rackbuilder"

and also see if there is a 3rd party rack kit for the particular Proliant server you were thinking of e.g. this specific HP/Compaq part number, "Third Party Rack Kit
NOTE: The Third party rack kit supports the ML530 G2, ML570 G2, DL740, and DL760 G2. Provides support for any rack, square hole or round hole (including HP Rack System /E and HP Systems) with an adjustment range from 23 ??" ??? 34" deep.
NOTE: The Third Party Rack Kit is required for round hole racks or for square hole racks that do not conform to the adjustment range of the standard rail that ships with the server.
Telco Rack Support: NOTE: Support for all 2-post Telco racks requires the Third Party Rack Kit (PN 274739-B21) kit plus an additional option kit from Rack Solutions. The Rack Solutions brackets can be purchased at: 274739-B21"
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