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Proliant Support Pack 8.00 and 802.1q VLANs

Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Proliant Support Pack 8.00 and 802.1q VLANs

I installed PSP 8.00 on several servers, and noticed that the 802.1q VLANs I configured no longer work. When viewed from Network Connections they are marked "network cable unplugged" and have the red cross in the system tray.

A fresh install of OS + PSP has the same symptoms.

Downgrading the NCU and NIC driver to 7.90 versions didn't seem to make a difference; nor did downgrading the entire PSP to 7.90.

Downgrading to PSP 7.70 appears to have resolved part of the problem, but isn't what I had in mind. (I also have a mismatch between NIC driver and NCU right now, but I think I have fixed that before.)

Has anybody else been experiencing the same problems? Any suggestions please?

[NICs are NC3163]




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Re: Proliant Support Pack 8.00 and 802.1q VLANs

Hi Richard,

you have the DL380 G1 with the onboard NC3163 and windows 2003?

As far as I can see the latest PSP for this server for windows 2003 is 7.60.
Checked 8.0 - there is no NIC driver for the NC3163(can be I didn't found it).

Can be that when you installed PSP 8 the drivers are the old version and you got the newest NCU and because of the mismatch you have this problems...

Have you tried this driver, which is the latest(but is not in PSPs after 7.6 I think?!?)

Can be that I'm totally wrong about the driver not being in PSP...