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Proliant Support Packs

John Coen
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Proliant Support Packs

I have to install Proliant Support Pack 8.70 on a number of servers and the process looks straight forward however before I can start these I have to provide a backout plan in case there is an issue however I can't see any backout procedures for the PSP's, does anyone know where I would find any, thanks

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Re: Proliant Support Packs

Proliant Support Pack 8.70 - really?

This is windows 2003 from 2011.


However, consider to make a backup.


Poor (or lazy)  mans solution:


Shutdown, pull one of the mirrored drives, boot, install, test.



- if OK, just insert the second disk

- if not OK, shutdown, pull the disk, insert the other boot up and insert the second disk.

Hope this helps!

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