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Proliant bios p28 walkthrough

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Proliant bios p28 walkthrough

Hello all!

I have an ML370 G3 and I need the BIOS walkthrough. P28 ver. 08.05.2004.

Here's my problem:

I need to install a new OS (RedHat Linux) from USB.

I downloaded the SmartStart from HP and the USB Key Utility to format the thumbstick and put SmartStart on it.

I tried the USB Key utility and it hangs every time. So I used a third party utility (UnetBoot) to build a bootable thumb drive.

The machine won't boot from the USB.

USB does not show up in boot order or configuration.

I have combed the BIOS for a function to enable USB boot- no dice.

Booting from the CDRom is not an option for a couple more days (waiting for a new drive to be delivered.

Could someone provide some docs on p28? Or at least give me some clue as to how to enable USB for booting?

Thanks in Advance!


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Re: Proliant bios p28 walkthrough

hey man

I have noticed that myne can't do it neather....

I have done it with a disk and then i could install linux ubuntu...

the thing is i cant get it to boot from linux.....

so thats my problem but maybe your smarter then me so you can try it with a disk maybe it wil work for you


greats from belgium

tibo s.


ps: sorry for my bad english