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Proliant bl20 p problems

Jason Hill_4
Occasional Contributor

Proliant bl20 p problems

Anyone work with one of these things yet? I just received mine and I am having trouble seeing the enclosure in the console. I have installed the software the way they say in the user guide. I don't see the enclosure. anyone have any thoughts?
veni vidi vici

Re: Proliant bl20 p problems

There are 2 possible causes. 1. The health driver is not installed. OR 2. possible locked into NVRAM. To resolve issue #1: Run the CSP (5.14a at time of writing), or download and install just the current Advanced System Management Driver (5.21.2195.1 at time of writing). This will install the correct health driver.
My recommendation would be to install the CSP. If the health driver did not install properly, there may be other things that did not install properly as well. You can then install the Health driver separately if it is newer than what is contained in the CSP.
Please note that the documentation states that there is a Blade Server Health Driver that needs to be installed. This is nothing more than the Advanced System Management Driver and is installed through the CSP.
To resolve issue #2: Clear NVRAM on the blades affected. To clear NVRAM, either use the Rom Based Setup Utility, or use switch 4 on the maintenance switch located on the blade mainboard.