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Proliant dl380 G4

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Proliant dl380 G4

I have a problem that i have searched all over google for but have been unable to locate a solution.


I currently have (2) 146.8GB hard drives set to raid 0. I am trying to install an additional drive since i am running out of storage space. 


I installed the new drive - start up the server - but it does not recognize it. I know the drive is good. I actaully tried two seperate hard drives. I look in the raid utility and it says that there is no additional drive present. I also looked in the bios...nothing. 


I have to be honest, i am stumped. Is something simple that i am missing?! I'll be honest and tell you that i am new to servers and this is my pet project at home. I am running Microsoft home server 2011. 


Thanks for any help anyone will provide.


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Re: Proliant dl380 G4

I found the answer i was looking for. 


I had to unplug everything from the server while powered down. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Reseat the drive. Plug everything back in....and it worked!


Just in case anyone was wondering.