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Proliant dl380 video problem

Jeff T

Proliant dl380 video problem

Hello my onboard video had gone on this server. I want to install a PCI card but when I do I do not get any video, not even to the BIOS. Is there an onboard jumper setting or something that I need to do?


Jeff T

Re: Proliant dl380 video problem

Nevermind I found the Dip-Switch for the onboard video. Still does not work though.. I am not Posting at all.. Any ideas?
Marko H.
Valued Contributor

Re: Proliant dl380 video problem

Which card are you trying to install?
If it's an RILOE card - then you'll find your video on the card and not on the system board.
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant dl380 video problem

Hi Jeff,

If you need to fit a PCI card, try a ATI Rage IIC model (Same chipset as DL380G1 onboard). You may also have to put it into the PCI primary bus slot.

You should be safe placing it into the lowest PCI slot in the backplane (if you don't already have a RILOE module installed that is).

Good luck.