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Proliant ml110 g6 unsigned x64 b110si smart array drivers

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Proliant ml110 g6 unsigned x64 b110si smart array drivers

Have been working with FECless HP support for 2 weeks. Trying to get HP Easy CD to work with my MAPS windows standard 2008 x64 install.

Hp easy -- fails to validate it as Windows Install disc.

When I install w2008std 32bit it is fine.

Have already upgraded bios to latest -- downloaded latest easy v2.3. useless

Have found article that suggests that after insert windows disc prompt remove disc and reboot to force start up from C: Drive. Then install MAPS disc from D: after ignoring CMS windows error. This does allow MAPS install to proceed however get to load driver (from thumb drive and complains about HPAHCIsr.sys being unsigned 64 driver and stops.

Starting with HP easy w2008 x64 std and doing the same results in the startup.exe from MAPS or MSDN disc to be un-executable.

The problem all comes back to the drivers apparently being unsigned drivers.

When you try to boot adn install directly fom MAPS disc it fails because the HP drivers are not on MAPS DISC.

HP's answer is to get external USB DVD, START maps install from MAPS disc and then swap out external disc with thumb drive to get x64 driver.

And if that fails tehn remove raid and try that

and if that fails remove memory to minimal and try that

and if that fails ...... yada .. yada yada -useless.

I'm at the point where I am ready to send it back ... period.

Why can't they just provide a signed driver.

Anybody have another idea.

HP is not HP any more. .. they used to stand behind their products.