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Proliant port 80h

Lennert Weijers
Occasional Visitor

Proliant port 80h

Good day.

My problem is of a dual nature. First of all, i'm trying to get an ML350G03 started. It boots up correctly and generates no errors during the POST. However, when it's out of the post and tries to start SmartStart, it loads kinda slow, and the dotted line gets longer and longer until it completely stops doing anything. System hang. Though at various points, it never manages to get through the dots to the "Loading Drivers" message.

Ok, so I opened the case and found the Port 80h LEDs are all on. From power-on till the problem, it doesnt appear to display any change while running the POST.

Now this is where my second problem comes in. Though nearly every HP product's hexadecimal beep code is listed on Internet/Cybrary, i fail to find those for the Proliant range.

Since i switched nearly every component in the ML350G03 without a change i can assume the mainboard wants to be on a scrapheap, but then it would retain it's fault-mystery and it could happen again.

So all in all, where can one find a list of the Beep codes, which could -against all odds- save this tower?

Thanks in advance,

L. Weijers
Nathan Gervais
Trusted Contributor

Re: Proliant port 80h

Try searching for document number 298459-001 on google should return to you a post error code document that has some beep codes listed

What version of Smartstart is it. 6.4 is know to cause issues with the ML350G3 and not boot. Try another Smartstart if that is the case.
Lennert Weijers
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant port 80h

Well, I'm using SmartStart 6.40B (the B is a special version for this model of proliant), and it has managed to get through to the SmartStart mainscreen.

However, the mainboard LED's are still unaffected by any action. Also, document 298459-001 doesn't contain any hexadecimal codes and seems to be outdated.

I have found several documents on the usage of the LED's by the POST, most commonly converting the lights to hexadecimal codes which represent an error type. But the (beepcode) list of these error types seems to be missing only for Proliant.
Sean Marshall_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Proliant port 80h

I realize this is a silly point, but have you tried a different monitor? I have seen this EXACT symptom when connected to a Viewsonic monitor. I think its some sort of driver conflict.