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Proliant power supply harmonics

Richard Noah
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Proliant power supply harmonics


We are upgrading our server room and have been asked waht harmonic load our proliant servers generate. This is so correct UPS and generator can be specified.

I have been able to find on the info below about anything to do with THD and of course we don't have one of these.

Most of our servers are ML370G2, ML370G3, ML530G1. We will have soon a blade environment to replace most of this, but at this stage unsure which flavour of blade.

HP Integrity rx1620 Power Subsystem The HP Integrity rx1620 provides a high level of integrated power protection.
Wide ranging input voltage VIN = 100V - 127V & 200V - 240V
Input line THD < 10%
Power Factor designed to 0.98 @ 120VAC and 0.92 @ 240VAC
80% Efficiency
Power monitoring and control
Brownout protection
Over Current Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Over temperature protection

Thanks for any help.
Andrew Young_2
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Re: Proliant power supply harmonics

Hi Richard.

This is the first time I have seen the word harmonics used in relation to load on a UPS or generator.

However if you are looking for the power load during normal and inrush current I can provide those.

Firstly where in the world are you and do you know what power spec you are using? Most power is 220 volts but can vary between 200 and 240 unless you are in America or some smaller Carribean islands where it can vary from 110 to 127 volts. Similarly the frequency can vary between 50 and 60 Hz.

If you are in Australia it should be 240V and 50Hz.

Based on those figures I have the following specs for 240V.

ML370G2 and G3 (they are the same in terms of power usage) fully loaded:

Normal current draw 3.2A
Max Inrush Current per PSU 25A
Max Input Power 672W

Normal current draw 7.6A
Max Input Power 690W (for 200 volts, no info for 240V)

rx1620 (fully populated)
Normal current draw 2.3A
Max Input Power 585W (for 200 volts, no info for 240V)

Unfortunately there are no in rush current figures for the last 2 servers, but be safe to assume between 20 and 25 Amps per power supply.

For sizing blades use the following link (requires an HP passport account)


Andrew Y
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