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Proliant problem

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Proliant problem


I have a proliant 4500 server w/ 4 HD's and 4 PRO cessors.

factory unique driver for cd and array

is there any acid test to know if the C drive is bad
all I did was edit the boot.ini

i don't believe the drive is bad

if the drive is bad, it went bad simultaneously as the boot.ini edit...
Thank You
Roy Main
Valued Contributor

Re: Proliant problem

Just curious - was this very old server up and running continously for a long time? And did u reboot it after the edit?

Really old hardware is notoriously finicky after being power cycled.

Try booting to a server diags diskette or an ADU or DAAD (Drive Array Advanced Diagnostics) diskette - you may have to dig around on the hp site to found a really old download to build the diskettes. The ADU/DAAD would better tell you if the drive is bad and what happened.
Roy Main
Valued Contributor

Re: Proliant problem

argh... i forgot to check the little email notification checkbox...
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Re: Proliant problem

Hi... there's no need to dig in to find the drivers, check this page if the server is running W2K

Look for Software - System Management For WNT 4.0 For WNT 3.51

There you can download the diags and run them on your server.

Best Regards


You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!

Re: Proliant problem

Correct, it's been running for almost 3 years, flawlessly. did the edit then did a soft reboot

Thanks Roy and Rampante, will check out the array diag tool for my platform, I had thought about that...

or do you think with a win98 bootdisk I could just edit the config.sys and autoexec so as to load the storage device drivers..
maybe this is exactly why I can't approach the drive in dos, but with nfts4dos, I can read and write to the other drives, which are ntfs...

Just thinking outloud here...when I get humpty dumpty back together? Im going to drop an image of a working install onto one of the other 3 drives. woulda made this a whole lot easier.