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Proliant server, Drive Array controller failure

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Proliant server, Drive Array controller failure

Hello there,


The server was working properly with 2 sas disks!After long time without power electricity..not even at the plug,it came up with a 1783-Slot 0 Drive Array Controller failure![Controller self-test failure]. Its a E200i


Do i need to setup somehow the slots with the disks?I guess that the power off thing has to do something with that..


PS:The Array controller has flashing lights on when the server power on..then no lights on!In the Bios i can see that is recognised


PS:Is there any simple way to recognise again the array or to setup it?



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Re: Proliant server, Drive Array controller failure

A controller failure error means the controller itself is defective.  During POST you should be able to access ORCA (Online Raid Confiuguration Utilty) by pressing F8 when prompted. If the error persists the only options are to replace the system board, or add another controller


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Re: Proliant server, Drive Array controller failure

In this case usually either the controller itself or the cache modul has a problem.


Try disconnect the cables to ths disks. If the error remain, the controller or cache modul has failed.


The E200 will bring the same error if no cache modul is installed, same for the P400 and P600.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Proliant server, Drive Array controller failure

Good time to swap in a P400 and go!


The older E200/P400 don't like to boot if the cache board goes bad.


Re: Proliant server, Drive Array controller failure

HP Smart Array Controller - 1783 Slot x Drive Array Controller Failure!




System boots up slowly during drive initialization.

slot x HP smart array controller
1783-slot x Drive array controller failure!


  • To isolate the 1783 issue related to a Smart Array controller cache module, complete the following troubleshooting steps:


1. Reseat the array accelerator module..

2. Turn off the server.

3. Update the server BIOS  and the controller firmware to the latest version .

4.Troubleshoot this issue by isolating the failed assembly if not a problem of controller cache :


  • Disconnect the sas data cable(s) from the controller and post the server.


NOTE: If the 1783 error does not occur, then the fault is either cable(s), backplane(s) or disk(s). Isolate one item at a time until the faulty assembly is identified.


  • Reconnect the cable(s)
  • Remove all disks from the backplane by unplugging, but not fully removing from the disk slots.
  • Power up the server, if the 1783 controller failure still occurs, isolate the cable(s) and backplane(s). If the controller passes self test then a disk(s) is causing the controller failure. Install half of the disks and power up the server. Continue adding or removing disks until problem disk(s) are isolated.


NOTE: Always press F1 after the controller displays 1789-Slot X drive disks not responding. Do not press F2 or data will be lost.


  • If the 1783 controller failure still occurs with cables disconnected, the Battery Backed Write Cache (BBWC) or the controller is defective. Replace the BBWC and then the controller to isolate the failure.


  NOTE: some controllers will display a 1783 controller failure if the BBWC ( array accelerator module ) is either defective or not installed.