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Proliant server details

Hi All,

I have a number of older Proliant DL380 g5-g7 servers in my environment that I want to refresh with g10 servers. What is the quickest way to get details of what hardware is installed on these servers such as HBA cards, Network cards, disk drives etc ?


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For any information regarding the servers, storage, and any HPE Products all the product details are available in QuickSpecs.

Here is the QuickSpecs website:

Hope this helps.

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Re: Proliant server details

I need details on what is actually deployed on these servers. The quickspec is great for giving me what can be deployed.

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Proliant server details

System Management Homepage will give details, if you have it configured.  If not, the easiest ways is to probably use a couple of the utilities in the Scripting Toolkit for Windows and Linux

Use 'hwdiscovery' to get hardware information and 'ssacli' to get array and disk information




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