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Proliant system board won't boot

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Proliant system board won't boot

My Proliant 591747-001 system board won't post after attempting to install an NVMe drive via PCIe x16 slot. It was working fine up until that point. I'm not getting any error codes at all, the CPU only gets slightly warm, but my GPU and system fans blow at 100%. No Proliant splash screen. I tried swapping RAM sticks, removing CMOS battery, swapping CPUs, but still nothing. Any solutions to this issue or is it dead?

Re: Proliant system board won't boot


Please try the following steps and check. 

1. Check the server in minimum hardware configuration, remove all add-on cards including risers. If the server boots, install the parts back to the server one by one to isolate which part is causing the issue. 

2. If the issue remains the same with minimum hardware configuration, please clear CMOS/NVRAM and check. 

If the issue persists after above steps, then possible fault could be the system board

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