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Proliant to boot from Linux

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Proliant to boot from Linux

I just installed Redhat Linux 4 AS. I couldn't get it to boot from the SCSI Drive so i downloaded SmartStart 5.5. I have a Proliant 3000 Server. When I start SmartStart 5.5 I get an error message saying:

Loading SmartStart. Please Wait.
SPAWN ERROR: path or file not found for

An unrecoverable error occurred while running SmartStart.

Error Code: 13

Press any key to restart SmartStart.

After I restart SmartStart I get the same message. Any Ideas on what I can do?

Franklin Abud
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant to boot from Linux

Try booting in linux rescue mode (boot from the installation cd1 of the RHEL)and see if the SCSI can be identified under rescue, if not, then you have to make sure that the drives are configured and working properly.

Normally boot process is below (simple illustration), so i'm guessing that it's not getting past to BIOS part:

BIOS -> Boot Loader -> OS
Cajun Computer Geek
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Re: Proliant to boot from Linux

I'm getting the same exact error when trying to run Smartstart. Does anybody know why?