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Prolinant ML 150 G2 Lan configuration

david kuttner
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Prolinant ML 150 G2 Lan configuration

I am installing a netgear fa311 LAN card .
Running a generic O/S. I am unable via the bios to disable the broadcom internal NIC (5721 pc). The generic O/S needs the FA311 . When running the server hangs after a short time. Suspect it relates to conflict in lan card or no free irq to run fa311. The bios does not allow me to disable any irq's.
I do not need IDE or USB , sound etc...
I have installed an Adaptec 29160 scsi controller which is working.
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Re: Prolinant ML 150 G2 Lan configuration

Hi David!

I'm not sure that non-present in specification NIC will be working... The problem is not in IRQ, but compatibility.