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Prolint ML110 G5 often Hang

Defin Rinno Feriandi
Occasional Contributor

Prolint ML110 G5 often Hang

I have an HP Proliant server ML 110 G5, 72Gb SAS Hard Disk RAID 1 (Mirror) using LSI Logic controller. 2GB DDR2 ECC memory. Proc. Xeon 2.3 GHz.
OS using Windows 2003 SP2. there is SQL Server 2000 and is also used for data sharing.

The problem why such a system sometimes hangs? so slow ... but approximately 10-15 minutes return to normal (sometimes longer)

Initially I suspected there are bad sectors hard drive and the slowness occurs because access to the bad sector. but when I had to replace the hard drive and also I try to delete the RAID but still have the same problem occurs.
I also try change the Harddrive using ordinary SATA hard drive replaced for the system, and a SAS hard drive for data, (boot of drive free bad sector) but still using LSI Logic as disc controller, but still have the same problem occurs.
Proliant Watch
Valued Contributor

Re: Prolint ML110 G5 often Hang

Try updating the firmware for the server using the firmware CD.

Check in IML if any harware errors are listed..
Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

Re: Prolint ML110 G5 often Hang

Exactly how many disks do you have?

Is the SQL-server data on the same physical disk(s) as the Windows system and the Swap file?

The LSI-logic controller?
Is that the built-in controller?

If so I would REALLY advice you to install a E200 controller with 256MB BatteryBacked RAM.
(BatteryBacked means it can enable delayed-write which really speeds up the system)
Don't forget the 4Lane cable-assy needed in this server(457892-001 )