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Quad Core Opteron upgrade for DL385 G2

Bing Tan
Occasional Contributor

Quad Core Opteron upgrade for DL385 G2

I have 1 DL385G2 with 2* Opteron 2220 installed. If I want to upgrade to 2* Opteron 2352, do I need to change to VRM Kit also? Please advise, thanks. Bing.
Gary Benavides Meza
Trusted Contributor

Re: Quad Core Opteron upgrade for DL385 G2

No, if you had two processors already, you don't need to buy or use a different Voltage Regulator module. There is only one kind of PPM on this server and it is used by both processors. This Note is on the quickspecs of the DL385 G2, but that means that if you don't have a second cpu in order to work it needs its own VRM Kit.

NOTE: 2300 Series processor quad-core upgrade requires purchase of a VRM kit for second socket (453059-B21) only if second socket not already populated.
Bing Tan
Occasional Contributor

Re: Quad Core Opteron upgrade for DL385 G2

Thanks, Gary. in another word, all I need to do is change the proccessors and update the ROM if needed. By the way, I am running ESXi in the DL385 G2, with the quad core upgrade, do I get much performance boost? Thanks.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Quad Core Opteron upgrade for DL385 G2

We completed the upgrade with no problems. Removed 2 dual-core and changed with 2 quad-core. 


As the server had 2 AMD dual-core the VRM kit was already installed - no need to buy a new one. We bought 2 VRM kits because the 2 processors that came out from the server were installed inside machines that had only one processor - if you want to use the 2 processor sockets you need to install this VRM kit. 


449776-B21  AMD Opteron™ Processor 2352 (2.1 GHz, 75 Watts)

453059-B21  HP DL385G5/DL585G2 VRM Kit (Yes it says DL385/585 but thats the right one for dual-core or quad-core processors inside DL385G2) 


Suggestion :

1 - buy these parts

2 - upgrade BIOS to the latest

3 - upgrade drivers to the latest with the smartstart dvd

4 - remove old processors and install new processors

5 - be happy