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Question About se316m1

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Question About se316m1

Hey so this is the first time ive worked with server hardware and I dont know too much about it. I ordered a se316m1(I read somewhere was basically like a DL160 G6) off ebay for a really nice price and I purcahsed both compatible memory and CPU (2*X5670). After installing RAM CPU and an HD I had laying around I hooked up ethernet and booted it up. Theres a few issues. 

1. After booting it up the 2nd LED (2nd led according to this dia of DL160 G6 p108) in the front blinked amber

2. I could not get monitor/keyboard response

3. I did not see the server under my attached devices under my router. 


Is there maybe some guide that would give me more info about rack servers to hopefully troubleshoot this? Or is there a possible cause for these issues?