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Question Regarding P410i on ML350 G6

Andrew Swift_1
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Question Regarding P410i on ML350 G6



We have a ML350 G6 with a P410i ZM


At he moment we have 2 Phisical 300GB drives configured in 2 arrays (1 in each) showing as drive C: and Drive D: in windows 2008


We need to add a third drive 300GB  (ideally going to be drive E:) but when we install the drive it does no seem to let us add it as an additional logical drive in either array 1 or 2, neither will it let us create a third array (Am I correct in that a P410i with ZM only allows 2 arrays ?).


Is there a way round this or do I have to purchase the 256mb Cache (462974-0010) to use this additional drive as a logical drive?


If so do I need the Battery Backup for the cache or just cache alone and can you just add the cache to a P410i at any time without having to reconfigure and rebuild the current array settings.


Many thanks for any guidance.



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Re: Question Regarding P410i on ML350 G6

If you have 2 physical disks and 2 logical drives, they are RAID0, right?

You should be able to create another RAID0, too.

(RAID0 makes not much sense in terms of availability).

Look at the limits:

Management Features

Online array expansion (with BBWC/FBWC upgrade)
Online Advanced Capacity Expansion (with BBWC/FBWC and Smart Array Advanced Pack upgrade)
Online logical drive extension (with BBWC/FBWC upgrade)
Online RAID level migration (with BBWC/FBWC upgrade)
Online strip size migration (with BBWC/FBWC upgrade)
Offline Mirror splitting and recombining (with BBWC/FBWC and Smart Array Advanced Pack upgrade)
Unlimited global online spare assignment
User selectable expand and rebuild priority
User selectable RAID level and stripe size
User selectable read and write cache sizes




correction (taken from qickspec):


Logical Drives Supported Zero Memory, Up to 2 logical volumes
256MB cache and greater, Up to 64 logical volumes



Hope this helps!

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Re: Question Regarding P410i on ML350 G6



When there is no cache module connected to the Smart Array P410i Controller, only two logical volumes can be configured, with a cache module, then up to 64 logical volumes. You may refer to the controller’s quickspecs, section Technical Specifications


Click here to view the QuickSpecs.


When a battery is attached to the cache module, then there is protection against data loss due to power interruption.


Cache module can be added anytime to the controller without re-configuration.





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