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Question about ML580 G5

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Question about ML580 G5

Hi !
sorry for my english, i'm french speaking.
We have a new ML580 G5 with 16 HDD (146Gig). Inside the box, we have the P400i and additionnal P400 controller card. The P400 is connected to HDD bay #1 and the P400i to HDD bay #2. Each HDD bay have 2 connectors connected to each controller. With smartstart I can configure two raid 5 of 8 HDD. There is a way to configure one raid of 16 HDD ???? With 2 raid 5, I need to go in Windows 2003 to extend my drive to the another disk. In this case, I have C:\ drive of 30Gig and the D:\ (extend) to ~1,8To.
I don't like this...(extend in Windows). I prefer to create 1 raid 5 with smartstart and only 1 big HDD in Windows.

I wish it's clear !!

Thanks for your help !!

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Re: Question about ML580 G5

Sorry... DL580...
Mark Matthews
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Re: Question about ML580 G5


Each connector on the P400 only supports 4 drives. Hence 2 connectors means 8 drives max per P400.

Only way I can think of is go upto the P600 and an external drive tray (MSA50) attached.

Although bear in mind HP recommend that you dont have any more than 14 drives in one RAID5 array.
Performance severely decreases past this point.

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