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Question about Multi-nic utility

Kerry Quillen
Regular Advisor

Question about Multi-nic utility

I am using a Multi-nic boot disk to boot several servers to start unattended installs. I have 3 servers with integrated dual nics that each require a unique "Slot=" line in the protocol.ini file. Therefore I have had to create 3 seperate boot disks defeating the purpose of the multi-nic. I have tried adding multiple "Slot=" lines with no success. Any help?

Neal Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: Question about Multi-nic utility

Have you tried leaving the SLOT= line out? I have seen a multi-NIC boot disk detect multiple NICs in a server, and will offer a selection to choose which NIC to use, or will default to a NIC if no selection is made in a specified time (10 seconds or so). This is how I have seen the Mod-Boot disk operate.