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Question about sff vs lff chassis

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Question about sff vs lff chassis

Specifically I was asked about the DL380p Gen8 8-LFF chassis vs. the DL380p Gen8 8-SFF chassis.  I know that the lff = large form factor hard dri ve cage, and sff = small form factor but what are the advanatages/disadvantages of each?


Is it simply that with a sff cage you have room for more drives?  Or is it more complicated than that, as I assum the servers themselves are the same size.  



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Re: Question about sff vs lff chassis



It literally is about how many drives each one can store.  


LLF means youcan utilise the capacity & cost gains that large form factor SAS/SATA offers & SFF means you can get more performance as you have more avilable spindles.


Thats really about it


Hope this helps

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Re: Question about sff vs lff chassis


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Re: Question about sff vs lff chassis

Also, look into the CTO chassis that haven't been promoted much. By ditching the [useless] optical drive you can get 10SFF DL360p G8 and 25SFF DL380p G8. Way better than only being able to put 8 disks in an HBA RAID volume, especially when using triplex mirroring.

There are also 4LFF and 12LFF models respectively, for those who like the larger disks.