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Question about the Smart Array 5300

Alen Ahja
Frequent Advisor

Question about the Smart Array 5300

Hi @ all,

I have here a DL360G2 with a Smart Array 5300 and a Harddisk Shelve.
I have 13+1 18,2 GB HDDs in this shelve and created a logical Raid 5 Drive with 200 GB which is the Data Partition of the Fileserver.

Now the we have not enough space on this drive and would like to increase it.

We put a 146 GB HDD in the spare part slot and 4 146 GB in the first slots of the shelve.

My question is, if it is possible to remove the existing 18 GB HDDs without erasing the logical drive because the space with the 4 146 GB HDDs is bigger than the 13 18 GB HDDs?

Second question is, when will the notice appear that there will be unused space on this array?

I hope I doesn't make a thinking failure and you will help me.


Kind Regards

Respected Contributor

Re: Question about the Smart Array 5300


I think I don't unserstand your explanation very well, but I'll try...

You have 14, 18GB drives total right?, and you ran out of space.

Now you want to add 5 146GB drives to the total configuration, but in order to do that you will have to take out some of the 18GB drives, right?

I beleive that you are using Array Configuration Utility to do this...

In order to replace this 18GB drives, since they are not failed, you will have to turn off the server and replace each one of them 1 by 1, you will have to let each one of the 18gb drives to rebuild, before replacing the next one. That will take you a lot of time, because it will last about 15-25 min per GB.

My recomendation in this case would be, if you have a backup of all that you have in the enclosure and all your drives, is to backup everything, erase the whole configuration that you have, install the new drives, create a new configuration with the new drives and then restore from backup all the info...

Hope this helps,

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Question about the Smart Array 5300


as mentioned above, while technically possible to perform what you describe, it would still be much better to just backup/delete array/create new one/restore backup.

It will be much quicker to get your new capacity available, but just some more downtime to build it.
Doing this disk by disk removal/rebuild will take a very long time and hopefully you don't hit a double bad stripe along the way that would make the rebuild even impossible (dome scenario).

Also think about the future, eventual expansion later on will be much more flexible by just adding a drive and keep in mind that disk rebuilds in a mixed configuration with 18 and 146 Gbyte disks will require you to either use a 18 GByte or a 146 GByte spare disk, depending on what you want to achieve.

Having the unused space split over the same physicall disks ( the remaining 146 - 18 GBte per disk) means you end up with more then one logical drive within the same array and this means some loss of expansion features if i am not mistaken.

Restoring a (max) 200 GByte backup won't take that long either compared to the 5 rebuilds you'd need to go through.

While using the new disks, you can even build a second array with the original 18 GByte disks that are left over and use that extra space for quick backups/copies/testing or to store transaction logs or of your dbase i.e. to get a better performance.

my 2 cents