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Question on HP Service

WJ Carroll
Occasional Visitor

Question on HP Service

Our company is evaluating HP servers and was curious how HP service works in the real world. We buy boxes in the US and then may transfer them to Europe or Asia. If I determine the box has a problem and need someone out with a part that HP & I both agree upon is needed, and "Oh, by the way, the server is in Sri Lanka" how do they handle that or does the tech freak out? How is dispatch globally working for you?
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Question on HP Service

most of all answer you can find from .pdf file, however if you can contact local HP reseller and they should be able find all answers - part of the job

Any server would be covered with global warranty (some exception might apply), some location are not serviceable with OnSite if it out of HP zone for services

Just from experience - if server located in non-HP reachable area, customer still entitled to troubleshoot over phone. Failed component will be send from HP dispatch center to the registered address. In some cases it will be your responsibility to arrange shipping for new and failed parts.

Example: some cruise ship equipped with servers in case of failure, part will be send to registered address; afterwards it will be responsibility to send parts to port.

Carepack services: available to speed up process for parts replacement, should be purchased locally to country of services or global care pack available.