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Question on Power Supplies for ML370 G1

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Richard Layton
Frequent Advisor

Question on Power Supplies for ML370 G1

Hello all,

I need to find out the amp usage on our Proliant servers and I was wondering, in a ML370 G1 that has 3 PS's if it loses 2 PS the server will go down, Correct? It needs 2 at all times?

Honored Contributor

Re: Question on Power Supplies for ML370 G1

Hello Richard,

You are correct in assuming that 2 of the redundant type PSU's are required. The third power supply comes into play if any one of the others fail although all 3 are operational and run in parallel at all times.

The original standard power supply on a ML370 G1 model was 325 Watts. It takes 2 of the redundant PSU types to provide enough power to be equivalent to this.

If 2 of the 3 redundant style PSU's fail, the system cannot provide enough basic current to keep the system operational.

I hope this helps.