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Question on swaping HDs

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Question on swaping HDs

I have an HP ProLiant DL380G6 server with a failed HD. I have an old HP ProLiant DL380G6 server sitting around with the same typ of HDs. 6G DP 10K SAS 300 GB Spare 507284-001. 

I want to know if I can take one from the server that is just sitting there and swap it in for the failed HD? It more than likely still has data on it so I wan to make sure that will not cause and issue during the rebuild process.



Jimmy Vance

Re: Question on swaping HDs

You can use a drive from the old system.  When you plug in the disk, it should rebuild to the current running system. You can always power up the unused system and run the array configuration utility and remove any arrays configured on the disk before you place it in the running system.

Standard discalimer: Always have a known good backup before working owith storage devices

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Re: Question on swaping HDs

Jimmy Vance is correct!

You can also make a clone of your server onto the 2nd server (as a backup) to have 100% redundancy. What type of RAID configuration are you running?

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Re: Question on swaping HDs

You can use the HD from the old server. During the Rebuild processes, it will erase all the data on the hard drive.

Just make sure that you have a full backup from both servers, just in case.