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Questions about upgrading my DL380g8

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Questions about upgrading my DL380g8

Hi everyone,

I was recently given a 380g8.  It is been a little while since I have dealt with the hardware of a server., so I am hoping you all can answer a few questions for me.

  1. I assume that if I was to run the HP version of ESX on this system that it is unable to take advantage of dual port hard drives.  Is this a correct statement?
  2. The system currently has only 1 CPU.  Is there an upgrade package that is offered by HP to add an additional CPU, that comes with the CPU, heatsink, fans, and any other necessary hardware?
  3. This sytem only has 32GB of memory currently.  I want to upgrade it much more.,  Currently it has 4 8GB chips installed.  They are all on the right side in slots CH1 11E, 12A and CH2 8F,9B.  I assume they are paired somehow, but I am not sure how.,  Additionally I am not sure the correct way to pair them once I install the new CPU, since there are banks over there too.

Thanks in advance!

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Questions about upgrading my DL380g8

Dual port (DP) drives are intended for redundantly connected configurations such as MSA Storage Enclosures. You can run them in the server, but the 2nd port isn't utilized

Yes, CPU kits are offered for adding an additional CPU and teh include the heatsink and fans if required (refer to quickspecs for part numbers)

Refer to the quickspecs for memory capacity and placement




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