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Questions on Proliant 6000

Ballet Jonathan
Occasional Advisor

Questions on Proliant 6000


I have bought Proliant 6000 motherboard (quadri Pentium Pro version), with its "PCI/EISA expansion slots" board, but I dont have the memory bord, nor I have the power supply.

My first question is about power supply :
all powers supply I have found are redundant. What does it means (except it's just redundant) ? Could i use one of these as a normal power supply ? Most of theme dont have any cable to plug it into the mother board, is it possible to find those cable ?
In fact, is it possible to use a normal power supply, one which i can buy from my local reseller ?

My second question is about all those things around this server : I mean, there is a lot of accessories, like redundant fans, and so on. Are they mandatory, or are they just optionnal ?

Thanks for your answer, I guess i will have some more questions when those things will be clear ;)

Jonathan Ballet
Maarten van Helden
Occasional Advisor

Re: Questions on Proliant 6000