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RA8000 with FC2101

Artur Maia_1
Occasional Contributor

RA8000 with FC2101

I am going to replace the original FC HBA on two PL5500 with FC2101. There is also a new 2 Gb switch. As far as I can see there should be no problem but .........

Has anyone done this and if so, did it work OK ??
What probs. if any.

Doug de Werd
Honored Contributor

Re: RA8000 with FC2101

A couple of things....

The FCA2101 is supported on NT4 and Windows 2000, but not Windows 2003. The RA8000 is only 1 Gb, so even when you use the 2 Gb switch, it will only transfer at 1 Gb. You might have to upgrade your version of SecurePath as well, and possibly the ACS software on the HSG80s.

here's the qucikspecs for the FCA2101:

You should also check out the SAN Design Guide to see if you need anything else (check chapter 4 in particular).

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