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RA8000 with FC2101

Artur Maia_1
Occasional Contributor

RA8000 with FC2101

I am going to replace the original FC HBA on two PL5500 with FC2101. There is also a new 2 Gb switch. As far as I can see there should be no problem but .........

Has anyone done this and if so, did it work OK ??
What probs. if any.

Doug de Werd

Re: RA8000 with FC2101

A couple of things....

The FCA2101 is supported on NT4 and Windows 2000, but not Windows 2003. The RA8000 is only 1 Gb, so even when you use the 2 Gb switch, it will only transfer at 1 Gb. You might have to upgrade your version of SecurePath as well, and possibly the ACS software on the HSG80s.

here's the qucikspecs for the FCA2101:

You should also check out the SAN Design Guide to see if you need anything else (check chapter 4 in particular).

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