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RAID 1+0 with dual bus MSA question


RAID 1+0 with dual bus MSA question

Hi folks,

I've got a 14 disk MSA30 (dual bus) connected to the 2 ports on a 6402 controller. I can easily create a RAID 1+0 with ACU.

My question is this: For performance reasons I want my RAID-1 members on separate ports. For instance, in each RAID-1 I want disk 1,0 on port-A and disk 2,0 on port-B, disk 1,1 on Port-A and 2,1 on Port-B. How can I tell if the array controller sets up the RAID-1's in this manner?


Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID 1+0 with dual bus MSA question


When you set up your array, select an equal amount of drives from both buses. The controller is smart enough to recognize that drives are on different buses and to split your "mirrored data" across those buses... or so I am told.

I do not think there is a way to tell if it actually IS split properly except for the instance where you only have 2 disks in an array. Then it is definitely split.

Steven Clementi
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Re: RAID 1+0 with dual bus MSA question

Try this trick:
- create a mirror with two drives, each one on a different bus
- add just one couple of drives (again each one hooked to a differnt bus) & migrate on-line to 1+0
- add two more & expand the array
- so on & so forth with just a couple of drives in each step

You should end up with the config you wish to have.
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