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RAID 1 Array

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Occasional Contributor

RAID 1 Array

Hi all!

One of my disk's had problems and had to be replaced.
I already have the new disk in my hands.
All i have to do is to plug the new disk in the array??
The mirroring job will be automaticaly done, right??
The data one the old disk will be mirrored automaticaly to this new one??

I suppose the data in the new disk (empty) will not be mirrored to the old one!!! I Hope!!

Can you advise me???

Many thanks in advance!
Mike Bollman_1
Respected Contributor

Re: RAID 1 Array

you got it.

install new drive in place of failed drive. If you are running on a smart array controller it will automagically rebuild the array.
Nicholas Strutt
Occasional Advisor

Re: RAID 1 Array

absolutly the process is near enough fully automated and will detect the new hardrive and start the process imediatly.