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Re: RAID 1 and 5 simultaneously

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RAID 1 and 5 simultaneously


I'm fairly new to datacenter infrastructure and I have aquestion about RAID. I have a requirement for a server that will have 5 x 300GB drives. 2 will be setup with RAID 1 and the remaining 3 for RAID 5.

OCA auto-selected 749974-B21 (HP Smart Array P440ar/2GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int FIO SAS Controller). Do I need another controller?


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Re: RAID 1 and 5 simultaneously

AFAIK one HPE Smart Array P440ar is more than capable to manage multiple RAID Volumes - depending on number of available disks it directly manages - with different levels of redundancy (RAID 1 versus RAID 5 or RAID 6, as example); in your case should be very easy to setup what you need through the HPE SSA (HPE Smart Storage Administrator): configuring two different Volumes, one 2 disks RAID 1 and the other 3 disks RAID 5.

Just two cents more: start with an updated HPE Smart Array P440ar Firmware, so update ASAP its Firmware (actually it is 6.06 of 25/09/2017) if it's not already up-to-date and then perform your RAID Volume(s) configurations accessing HPE SSA tool during boot (so offline, not pre-installed OS needed -> once OS is then installed you can download and install HPE SSA Online tool to manage from OS your HPE Smart Array controller).

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