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RAID 10 or two RAID 1 with hot spare

Shabib Syed
Occasional Visitor

RAID 10 or two RAID 1 with hot spare

I have HP DL380 with 5 72GB drives. I want to create either a RAID 10 or 2 RAID 1's with hot spare. Is that possible? how can I configure my smart array so that if a disks fail on either RAID 1's or on RAID 10 the hot spare (5th disk) should take over?

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID 10 or two RAID 1 with hot spare

All you need to do is specify the same hot spare for both arrays.

Keep in mind that you can create 1 array "Array A" with 4 drives and 1 hot spare. Then you can configure 2 RAID1 Logical Drives.


Create 2 arrays "Array A" and "Array B", each with it's own RAID1 Logical Drive.

Either way, you can specify the the fifth disk as a hot spare.

Method 1 is better if you do not need to have 2 equal RAID1 disks. If you need 2 equals, ALWAYS, then method 2 is the better choice since you would be able to make changes to one array without effecting the other array. If you need un-equal disk, say 50GB and 90GB, then method 1 is the way to go.

Steven Clementi
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