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RAID 5 / 3 disks with predictive warning

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RAID 5 / 3 disks with predictive warning

We have a DL385 G7 server with a RAID 5 comprised of 4 SAS drives.
Three of them show a predictive failure warning.
In this RAID 5, there are two models of disks: MM0500FBFVQ and MM0500FAMYT

Steps taken in order:
1. The three faulty drives were replaced, one at a time.

2. SmartArray P410i firmware updated to version 6.64 (B)(1 Oct 2015)

3. SAS HDD MM0500FBFVQ firmware updated to version HPD9(B)(24 Oct 2016)

4. SAS HDD MM0500FAMYT HPD6(D) firmware updated to version HPD6(D)

After having performed the previous steps, the predictive failure warning is still showing up in the three disks.
The fact of having two models of disks shouldn't be a problem because there is other RAID 5 with mixed models as well.

Any suggestions on how to remove the predictive warning?


Re: RAID 5 / 3 disks with predictive warning

Hi SoporteIT1,


Thank you for the Post.


Here there are chances that the previous Drives may be having errors which could've been copied during rebuilding to the new Drives.


Try the following : 


Action 1: 


1) Install the latest ACU / SSA

2) Power Cycle the Server check the status.


Action 2:


1) Take full backup

2) Delete the Logical Drive

3) Remove the Drives (mark the Drives wrt to Bay position) 

4) Shutdown the Server, Remove the Power Supply and Cables, press and hold the Power button for 15 - 20 seconds.

5) Insert the Drives (in same Bay how previously it was inserted) and Power On the Server


Action 3:


If performing the above didnt help, the new Drives may went faulty again and we may look into the Harddrive Backplane and or Cage as well.


Thank you




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