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RAID 5 Array Light Problem Again

Roger Lowe_1
Occasional Contributor

RAID 5 Array Light Problem Again

I have an old Proliant 6000 with six drive bays. 1 is a 4.3gb Wide Ultra SCSI online spare for 2 and 3 which are mirrored system disks. These are fine, the problem is with disks 4,5 and 6 which is a RAID 5 Array of 9.1 Wide Ultra SCSI's. This server is running NT4 (SP6) it's a BDC for a domain with less than 25 users and all it does is logon authentication and store a few images which are never accessed. As you can imagine it's not very busy. My problem is that the the write lights on the RAID array stay on for all three disks in the array for 4 minutes solid and then off for 30 seconds. This loops all day. It's not doing anything though, you can use Performance monitor to make sure nothing is going on using all the Physical and Logical disk counters you need. Nothing is writing to this array so why would the lights stay on like they are being written to.... Any ideas would be welcome.

It's not causing a problem by the way I just want the lights to flash like they do on the 3000 and ML370 RAID arrays in the room. Maybe because it's Christmas I feel I should be more coordinated....

Sorry to post this again but the first reply didn't solve it. This was my reply.

I'm not entirely sure without re-booting. However if you look in Control Panel\SCSI Adapters\Devices\Compaq Drive Array\ and then look at the firmware version on the settings tab of the Compaq Disk array it says Firmware Revision 2.02 it calls the Compaq Disk array CpqArray but that's not what your after is it. Can I tell without re-booting. The thing is I haven't bothered to put the Insight stuff on this server.

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID 5 Array Light Problem Again

Hello Roger,
The firmware 2.02 I believe pertained to Smart 2DH or Smart 2SL controllers. If this is the case then you need to update it to 4.50 which is the latest one for this controller. The softpaq you need is SP19677 for this controller. Here is the link to download it:

Even though this will ask you to make 4 diskettes but you need the first one only.