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RAID-5 Problem. Please help!

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RAID-5 Problem. Please help!

I have a DL380 G4 with 3 drives in a RAID-5, and one extra drive.  3 of the drives were blinking green.  One of the drives was showing only red, and I found that one of the drives had been spun down.  I also had another drive showing failed in diagnostics.  I ordered a new drive, and when it came in I clicked on the Identify Drive button in Diags.  Two of the drives turned off their display, the red one stayed red, and one other one, I'll call Suspicious, kept blinking. I took note of the serial number of the drive in Diags, and shut down the system.  I pulled out the Suspicious drive, checked the serial number, and it matched, so I replaced it.  Upon booting up, it gave me the F1 to continue with logical drives disabled, or F2 to accept data loss.  Of course I chose F2.  When it tried to boot it can't find windows\system32\config\system.  When I go into the Raid in BIOS, it shows drive 2 as REBUILDING.  I'm scared!  Please help!

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Re: RAID-5 Problem. Please help!


Download Hiren 14.1 and burn the iso to a cd and boot the server from it.

Select the option to boot windows from the harddrive and cross your finger it will find something to boot up.

I used that tool to save my a$$. I deleted the RAID partition but when I recreated the RAID, Windows would not boot so I used Hiren to boot whatever data was on the drive. Good luck.