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RAID 5 Server drive fault

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RAID 5 Server drive fault



I have a HP RAID server with 8 physical drives. The first 2 are configured as RAID 1 & the other 6 are RAID 5. One of the RAID 5 drives has failed. I have swapped the drive for a brand new drive and it begins to sync and reaches 100% but then shows failed and says waiting for sync.


How do i resolve this? One of my collegues thinks that there is a problem with another drive but if thats true i will have to rebuild the array, this is not the end of the world but i want to make sure i have done everything i can to prevent the downtime. 


The only differnce i noticed is that the new drive i was sent was 300Gb and all the other drives in the server are 146Gb. Could this be an issue? I thought as long as its bigger than the existing drives it should be ok.


Any advice would be welcome.







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Re: RAID 5 Server drive fault

What model server do you have?  What model array controller?

Chad Whalen
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Re: RAID 5 Server drive fault

I have seen an issue in the past on a DL580 G5 with a P800 SA controller where I had a failed hos-spare drive(amber light on drive), so I replaced it and the replacement drive was also marked failed after a few minutes. It sounds similar to that problem. I believe in that case that shutting down the server and booting with the drive installed already resolved my issue.

I believe there may have been an array firmware update that addressed such issues, but it's been a while since I've seen it. The larger disk size should be fine.
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Re: RAID 5 Server drive fault

I did wonder about firmware as i believe the machine was installed a few years ago and wont have been updated. 


The LED is green but only when all the other green LEDs on the other drives are off and vise versa. 


The machine is a ProLiant DL380. It has a Smart Array 6404/256 PCI-X controller.

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Re: RAID 5 Server drive fault

I need an ADU report send it in private message

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