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RAID 5 crashes when it shouldnt

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RAID 5 crashes when it shouldnt



We have a HP Proliant DL380 G5 server, 4 drives with RAID 5 configured. Unfortuantely one of the hard drives died yesterday and we have ordered a new one.


This shouldn't happen since we have a minimum of 3 hard drives.


All of suddenly, the server has crashed and upon startup, I get the following error:


"Non-system disk or disk error
replace and strike any key when ready


Press F9 key for ROM based setup utility
Press F10 key for System Maintenance Menu


System will automatically reboot in 5 seconds"


can you please help?



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Re: RAID 5 crashes when it shouldnt



The Non-System Disk Error or Disk Error error message may appear when the Server BIOS cannot find a bootable operating system on any of the storage devices included in the Server.


RAID 5 problems can corrupt the OS partition causing you to have booting issue.


It could be a bad controller or a failed RAID configuration. If the server is under warranty\contract, I would suggest you contact HP support. (1800-633-3600)


Note: Always recommended to take sufficient back up of the data.


I hope you find this information helpful!



Renji V

I am an HP employee.

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Re: RAID 5 crashes when it shouldnt

Maybe it's usefull to power down the server; physically remove the bad disk; power it up again and choose F2 (interim recovery mode) when the server asks for it.


Whenever its  booting up properly then you can always put in a good disk  on-line  in the same slot as the bad disk. It must be then rebuilding automatically.


When its still not booting properly, then the configuration of the RAID 5 set was not setup properly    or    the boot controller order was setup wrong in the RBSU (<F9>): It must be pointing to the P400 Smart Controller.


Check out the configuration by pressing <F8> directly after the recognition of the P400 controller (ORCA).

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Re: RAID 5 crashes when it shouldnt

I managed to use a start smart cd and go into ACU. That didnt give me any options to repair or rebuild.


Somehow, I managed to get into HP Insight Diagnostics. It seems a 2nd hard drive is dead. Please see attached snap. 


What can we do to recover the server? 



ernst limbrunner
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There are some things you should know

hi all of you,


- a disk failure in  a RAID5 should not kill/change ANY data (with an HP SMART i never had this even once)

- do NOT shut down yor server for changing a disk (especially in a RAID1 with 2 disks!


the following procedure has helped several times (hp support does not seem to know this procedure)


1) take out all for disks and mark the positions

2) start your server without any disks

3) insert the 3 good disks in their old positions and power up

4) after the bootprocess has completed, insert the replacement disk


step 2 resets the controller and this has helped in many many cases.


otherwise do check the boot sequence / controller order in RBSU (F9).

however, a disk failure does NOT change any BIOS settings.


best regards from germany












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Re: There are some things you should know

well, in my case we had 2 hard drive failures. RAID 5 consisted of 4 hard drives. does your comments above help with this in mind.



Jimmy Vance

Re: RAID 5 crashes when it shouldnt

ms2013 wrote:

It seems a 2nd hard drive is dead.  What can we do to recover the server? 


If you have 2 defectiive drives, you cannot recover. RAID 5 only allows for the failure of 1 drive in the array

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum!      I work for HPE

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Re: RAID 5 crashes when it shouldnt

Thank you everyone for time and expertise.