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RAID 5 creation with 4 hdd

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RAID 5 creation with 4 hdd


I am new in RAID 5 creation in ML 350gen10 server.I have 4 1TB sas hard disk and i want to create RAID 5. I choose 4 Hard disk in RAID 5 . because i want that parrity will be stored  on all drive respectively. so i want to know that there is any wrong to do this process. 

 I heard that 3 hard disk out of 4 is taken for raid configuration and 1 kept for parrity storage--only this process  is i confused about the RAID 5. according to me above all process is correct plz tell me about that ..thanks in advance..


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Re: RAID 5 creation with 4 hdd

RAID 5 requires a minimum of 3 drives. The parity is striped acosss all drives in the array.  RAID 4 striped the data and had a single drives used to store parity information. Modern controllers gernally don't supportr RAID 4

This guide provides more information



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